Monday, March 19, 2012

Mint Monthly Subscriptions

Hey guys well the topic of today is monthly subscriptions. I know all you girls surely have heard of ShoeMint, StyleMint, JewelMint, and BeautyMint. Now there are other brands that are very popular for example Birchbox. I'll stick with the Mint products; they all are for what exactly what is mentioned shoes, clothing and accessories, jewelry and beauty products. They are all personalized from celebs we all know and love.

ShoeMint's is designed by actress and fashion icon, Rachel Bilson, and celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez. The exciting part of this particular subscription is their partnership with none the least Steve Madden. I already LOVE his designs of shoes but it can get quite pricey. With this monthly subscription of only $79.95 you can get a pair but you can also skip a month if you decide not to get anything for that particular month.

StyleMint's is designed by fahion icons and actresses, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and fashion stylist Danielle Nachmani to make a fashion statement with their t-shirt designs and other clothing items as well as sunglasses. The cost for this monthly subscription is $29.95 you can also skip a month if you decide not to pick anything for that month.

BeautyMint's is designed by singer and actress, Jessica Simpson and top 15 facialist, Nerida Joy. The concept is pretty much the same as all the other subscriptions with this one you get high end skincare and beauty products. You take a free consultation and it will inform you about your very own personalized skincare regimen and you can also try it risk free for 30 days. The cost for this subscription is $29.95.

I'm leaving JewelMint for last because this is my absolute favorite. This exclusive jewelry collection is designed by actress and fashion icon, Kate Bosworth, and her celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. These pieces are nothing like from Forever21 and H&M and believe me I love their jewelry but sometimes you want pieces that are going to last you long and feel expensive and not cheap. Their monthly cost is $29.95 as well.

I would like to share the pieces I've purchased so far and let me tell you I'm in love with every single piece. I wish I could subscribe to all of their Mint collections but I don't want to go crazy so for now this will do. Plus you get free shipping with all of them.

World's End Earrings
Chain Reaction Earrings
Brixton Earrings
(These are on back order and I'm currently on a waiting list but they will be worth the wait)

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