Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Right Foundation For You

I'm going to be talking about the many foundations that there are out there and maybe help you out choose which one is best for you. So let's get started!

B.B Cream 
B.B(short for "blemish balm")cream is one of Asia's biggest beauty sensations, is more of a skincare miracle in my eyes. I would consider the formula very lightweight that provides SPF and moisturizes as well. I could compared it more like a tinted moisturizer that conceals and treats the skin all in one. This tinted lotion blends in effortlessly making you look natural and glowing.

1. Produces a very natural, "no makeup look"
2. Works pretty much like tinted moisturizer
3. Conceals all types of pigmentation, acne and discoloration
4. Provides perfect coverage like a foundation would but since it's not as thick, it doesn't clog the pores
5. It has anti-wrinkle and skin-lightening
6. Contains UV protection for healthy skin
7. Encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin
8. Has healing properties that soften and refine skin making it look smooth

This has to be one of my favorites for a daytime look or everyday because it makes my skin look flawless without looking like I have makeup on which I love. Brands vary and there are many too choose from like:

Tinted Moisturizer
Tinted moisturizer is makeup that combines the benefits of foundation and moisturizer. Is more sheer and "breathable" than traditional foundation, it offers cosmetic benefits that regular moisturizer cannot. Tinted moisturizers offer a middle ground for those who dislike thick makeup but still want a hint of coverage. I prefer using this during the summer months when your makeup can go through a meltdown and that's not cute by the way. This gives you the coverage without looking cakey.

1. It's much better for your skin
2. It looks natural because it is less pigmented
3. The pigment that it does have helps to even out your skin
4. The moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated all day

Liquid Foundation
Foundation, is a thin film of liquid foundation that comes in oil-based formula. There are may different formulas for people with dry to normal skin and water-based formulas for people with oily skin. There is a wide selection of the right foundation that suits your skin, color and tone, this is quite necessary because it determines whether you are going to look naturally beautiful having a flawless smooth skin or quite artificial as if you have put on a mask of cosmetic layers.

There are various types of foundations such as the hypoallergenic and allergy-tested foundation for those who suffer from skin allergies; oil-free foundation for oily skin; stay-on foundation to last for longer periods of time and camouflage foundation to hide skin blemishes and give a smooth skin-effect.

I personally do wear liquid foundation on a daily basis but not as much now that I've discovered BB cream but when I go out at night and want more coverage I definitely would wear this for special ocassions.

Mineral Powder Makeup
Mineral makeup is light, finely ground loose minerals that are buffed into the skin. Mainly used with a kabuki brush. The main ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are said to have anti-inflammatory properties. It is said by professionals that because mineral makeup tends to eliminate irritants like synthetic dyes and fragrances is better for the skin. Mineral makeup is also known for being non-comedogenic, and some have sun protection. This makeup is not my favorite because it is quite messy to use but I like that it doesn't break me out like oil base foundations.

Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush makeup is similar to those used in the painting of cars. Of course, the pressure of the airbrush is very gentle and allows for a smooth application of makeup without streaks. This is usually used in brides and special ocassions because it looks well in high quality pictures.

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