Friday, March 29, 2013

A Cause For A Celebration

It's my birthday! Oh yeah! Not so happy that I am now getting even closer to 3-0! Oh well I can't do anything but stack on that eye cream...hehe

For my birthday I went out with friends to a lounge to celebrate. I wore this revealing dress that I cannot believe I wore it now that I think about it. I only live once I guess. Other than that since my birthday is around Easter I didn't need anything special to celebrate.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not For Old Ladies Anymore

The ladies in my family suffer from varicose veins. Normally, one-way valves in your veins keep blood flowing from your legs up toward your heart. When these valves do not work as they should, blood collects in your legs, and pressure builds up. The veins become weak, large, and twisted. My mother is going to be having surgery because of this issue and she mentioned since I was at the age where this can affect me, she mentioned the firm support pantyhoses. I decided to get some for myself.

They are very comfortable and help with when you are tired from standing long hours. They also do not look bad and look just like any other tights. The great part is that it helps to increase circulation in your legs. The socks or stockings are normally worn in the morning upon arising, and removed at night. Remember that the heart attempts to pump blood against gravity up the veins of the legs, and as a person walks, the regular contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins are necessary to help the heart move blood up the legs efficiently. But, it is unlikely that a person will walk continuously throughout the day - most of us sit or stand some of the time. Also, some people have inherited weakness of the vein walls or valves, which create additional challenges to venous circulation. This is why wearing compression socks or stockings is vital for the treatment or prevention of varicose veins and other circulatory problems, especially for individuals who are at risk.

Prevent from this ever happening to you!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


This moisturizer is a unique line of  body moisturizer. It is quick and convenient. From the review I have read this moisturizer absorbs in seconds to leave skin soft, not greasy or sticky. The revolutionary continuous-spray system dispenses lotion quickly and evenly for all over coverage.  They have three scents to choose from.

TOTAL MOISTURE- is infused with pure oat extract for healthy soft skin in seconds.

ALOE FRESH-  this fresh scent is infused with pure aloe for healthy fresh skin in seconds.

COCOA RADIANT- is infused with pure cocoa butter for healthy glowing skin in seconds.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Getting To The Root Of Things

Last night I had a bit of a spa day at home. I decided to give myself a facial, mani and pedi as well as some body hair removal. I visit my hair removal lady often for my brazilian, but for my legs, arms and underarms I usually do that at home with an epilator. Now you are probably wondering what is an epilator?

An epilator is an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. Epilators a somewhat similar to waxing although unlike waxing in a way, because they do not remove cells fromt the top layer of your skin. Aside from the spring in early spring-type epilators, there are no parts in epilators that require regular replacement. Epilators come in corded, rechargeable and battery operated designs.

I own the Emjoi Light Caress Corded Epilator that I bought online and love it. I have to admit it is a bit painful but if you have waxed in the past I am sure you can handle the pain. I do admit is a bit more painful than waxing even though it does the same thing, but after awhile it numbs the parts you are removing hair from. Basically I see it as a bunch of tweezers that pulls your hairs out all at the same time. It is also great for underarms for girls or women that have a problem with darkness from shaving too often.

♥ Removes the tiniest hairs
♥ You do not have to do it everyday or as often like shaving. Lasts up to 6 weeks
♥ It is inexpensive, typically less than $100
♥ It is not a messy process

♥ Causes redness and bumps if you do not exfoliate often
♥ May cause ingrown hairs
♥ Painful for coarse hair
♥ Have to wait for hairs to grow back up to a certain length

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Spilling The Beans

I have been obsessed with my cellulite lately. I do not have bad noticeable cellulite, but when you are constantly looking at yourself in the mirror regarding your weight and everything else in between I cannot help but notice a bit of cellulite behind my legs. After some research I decided to invest in a massage body soap to massage the back of my legs and get the blood flowing in the areas that look a bit swollen.

I have made some coffee bean exfoliators in the past but they can get pretty messy in the shower. I love that the coffee contains cafeic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects and also works well to boost collagen production. Coffee lovers tend to stimulate their body with a cup of coffee, but we can also stimulate the body and awaken it in the mornings with a coffee massage bar of soap.

After looking high and low I came across a coffee bean massage soap. I love the nodules the bar of soap has because it can massage vigorously over troubled areas when in the shower. Now this bar of soap will have coffee grinds as well but it does not get as messy as just using coffee grind scrub.

I bought this coffee massage bar of soap on eBay and love it!

What it contains:
♥ Juniper berry oil which is good for relieving fluid retention. It is known for is detoxifying and purifying abilities and works wonders on fatty layers.
♥Sea kelp draws out impurities which helps reduce inflammation in the skin.
♥Coffee butter is loaded with caffeine which helps enhance fat metabolism and reduce some of the swelling around the fat so the skin appears smoother. It also widens the blood cells in the area most needed.
♥Pomegranate oil is extremely high in polyphenol content which strengthens the cell membrane making it less susptible to damage and moisture.

Hope this post was helpful for all the ladies that are concern about their body areas that have cellulite.