Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Spilling The Beans

I have been obsessed with my cellulite lately. I do not have bad noticeable cellulite, but when you are constantly looking at yourself in the mirror regarding your weight and everything else in between I cannot help but notice a bit of cellulite behind my legs. After some research I decided to invest in a massage body soap to massage the back of my legs and get the blood flowing in the areas that look a bit swollen.

I have made some coffee bean exfoliators in the past but they can get pretty messy in the shower. I love that the coffee contains cafeic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects and also works well to boost collagen production. Coffee lovers tend to stimulate their body with a cup of coffee, but we can also stimulate the body and awaken it in the mornings with a coffee massage bar of soap.

After looking high and low I came across a coffee bean massage soap. I love the nodules the bar of soap has because it can massage vigorously over troubled areas when in the shower. Now this bar of soap will have coffee grinds as well but it does not get as messy as just using coffee grind scrub.

I bought this coffee massage bar of soap on eBay and love it!

What it contains:
♥ Juniper berry oil which is good for relieving fluid retention. It is known for is detoxifying and purifying abilities and works wonders on fatty layers.
♥Sea kelp draws out impurities which helps reduce inflammation in the skin.
♥Coffee butter is loaded with caffeine which helps enhance fat metabolism and reduce some of the swelling around the fat so the skin appears smoother. It also widens the blood cells in the area most needed.
♥Pomegranate oil is extremely high in polyphenol content which strengthens the cell membrane making it less susptible to damage and moisture.

Hope this post was helpful for all the ladies that are concern about their body areas that have cellulite.

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