Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals!

A new year means coming up with new year resolutions and as always my new year's resolution is to lose weight! I have a love/hate relationship with my new year's resolutions, because I'm never oppose to change but can never seem to succeed and plus I don't need an excuse of a new year to change those things. Setting yourself with goals is great and it makes you wonder what you can improve at. Maybe you have unhealthy food habits that you would like to quit? Trying to be a more positive person? Work less, and explore more? Whatever it is, there is no judgement here! We all have things we need to work at.

I have a few resoultions this year.

♥ Eat breakfast every morning- the first meal of the day helps burn more calories, so you are not starving midafternoon craving junk food. I wil try to eat more high protein foods and less sugary food every morning.

♥ Be more flexible- I tried yoga once and must admit it was hard, but I love how flexible the people on a daily basis are. Maybe I'll try to work harder at being flexible and hope to maybe achieve at doing the

♥ Save money- We all say we are going to be more responsible with our money and I'm the kind of person that blows her money on impulse shopping. This year I'm going to try to put aside at least $10 in a piggy bank, yes a piggy bank and collect it at the end of the year. Maybe next Christmas will be an even better one.

♥ Read more- I have picked up reading since last year but have to admit can't seem to enjoy it as much. i will try to at least pick up more books and try to take it as a hobby for my down time.

♥ Go see a live show- I have never been to a concert or a live music show. I would really like to get out of my comfort zone and explore this area a bit more.

♥ Work Out- Yes I'm a big fanatic of the couch and we are BFF's but this year no more! We must end it and at least 30 minutes a day if I happen to be feeling lazy.

♥ Spend time outside- I tend to live in the indoors and I would like to go to the park more, explore nature and surround myself with nature.

♥ Scrapbook more- I love to scrapbook and keep memories alive and I'm yet to finish my project from two years ago. I think this year is time to finish that darn book.

Now I’m really curious to know, what are your new year resolutions, if you have any? 

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