Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Revive Your Nail Polish

When it comes to tossing or up keeping our nail polishes, the honest true is that is not a routine we tend to go by. We have to admit that eventually we will have to toss them. I am a big nail polish junkie and do not tend to go through my polishes to check when they are clumping or thickening until I am ready to use them. Remember dark shades tend to get thicker faster because they are more pigmented.

♥ The first thing to do to declump your polishes is to turn the bottle upside down and roll the bottle between your hands to mix the polish. NEVER shake the polish bottle because this creates bubbles that you cannot see until you apply the laquer onto your nails.
♥ Second tip is to try using a nail polish thinner. You can find this product at any local beauty supply store or online like Sally's Orly Polish Thinner-$4.29 or OPI Nail Laquer Thinner-$7.00, make sure that when you add it to shake gently.
♥ Adding pure acetone/nail polish remover is fine, but only do this if you are not planning on using it again or tossing it. The reason is because the high water content in the nail polish remover causes the polish to seperate.

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