Monday, June 3, 2013

What To Order At Jamba Juice!

I'm at home juice but when you don't have time, Jamba Juice is a great place to stop by for those cravings and healthier options. Down below I will share all my favorites for you all!

Did you know that the "Classic Smoothie" on the menu, you can get a "Make It Light" version that has 1/3 of calories than the original ones. Some of my all time favorites are:
♥ Mango-A-Go-Go
♥ Strawberry Surf Rider
If you want an extra boost you can get the soy protein boost, it adds 30 calories but it will filly you up throughout the day.

If you want a bit of vegetables order the Apples'n'Greens smoothie, which contains one of three veggies. There are others but the taste for me is not so great. The one I mentioned is great ins taste and also contains: veggie juice blend, bananas, peaches, and mango my fave! It is also gluten free and dairy free!
Although the all fruit smoothies have higher calories since is a ll natural sugar, try not to order these too often as too much sugar can be bad. These smoothies are also vegan options. My fave are:
♥Mega Mango
♥Strawberry Whirl
These particular smoothies contain a boost called Balance, which contain fourteen vitamins and minerals, protein, and fiber. One of the best options is the Peach mango, which contains a Lean Advantage boost! The smoothie contains nothing except the boosts, peaches, mangos, and soy milk!
Now for the fun food! Jamba also has some really healthy food options for you to choose from! My favorites are:
♥Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
♥ Chicken Bistro Panini
♥ Spinach Breakfast Wrap
♥ Turkey Sausage Breakfast Wrap

What is good about these wraps is you can make them a meal by pairing them with a small smoothie.


  1. i wish i had a jamba juice nearby, sounds delicious! Loved this post :)

    sara x

    1. It really is! I don't have one nearby so when I do go I am in heaven :)