Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beauty Tip Tuesday

In beauty we all get excited to try new products and buy the latest makeup, but the truth is that you can save a bunch of money by using these tricks that have been around forever.

What are some of the easiest and most useful beauty tips out there? I compiled a list of some of the tips that you may not know about or have just clearly forgotten about.

♥ Use hairspray and a spooly to set your brows, instead of going out and buying a special product to set them in place.

♥ DIY acne fighting spray. Buy an empty spray bottle in the travel section and fill it up with some bottled water and a bit of tea tree oil. It is good to refresh your face and even set your makeup while it fights acne.

♥ Many know that you have to replace your mascara every three months, but if you want it to last longer fill it up with a bit of eye contact solution to prevent from drying...Also a good tip is to opt out for a new tube and make sure to keep the tube tightly sealed.

♥ Use an oil-based makeup remover even if you have oily skin type. Using an oil-based product can actually improve your epidermis' condition, the reason is because over-cleaning stimulates the sebum glands, which causes skin to over-produce oil. Using oil-based products will have the opposite effect.

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