Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BluApple Review

I just began juicing as well as just eating more clean, and even though it is hard to get my stomach to adjust I also did not realize how hard it would be to keep all my fruits and vegetables fresh. Now with juicing and eating clean has taken a toll on my wallet. Frequent trips to the grocery store has become extremely expensive. 
With all that being said I reached out to a company to review their product, The BluApple, a product created to prolong the freshness of all your produce. The BluApple is created to provide effective ethylene gas absorption for up to three months. You might be asking yourself how this works right. "Ethylene gas is given off naturally by all living plants, especially by fruits, vegetables and flowers, and acts as a chemical signal to speed up up the ripening process. The release of this gas is thought to be a mechanism by which plants promote uniform ripening or spoiling. At home, however, when you store your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, ethylene gas builds up. As a result the ripening process is accelerated too quickly. This is a major reason we all throw out so much spoiled produce!" 
Things to Keep in Mind

♥ Temperature- keep produce cold
♥ Humidity- use vented plastic bags to keep moist, but not wet environment
♥ Ethylene Gas Management- using BluApple

If you love fresh fruit, and vegetables, the you will absolutely love BluApple. Check out their official website HERE.


  1. Interesting... i am def going to have to check this out.. I've heard of the bags which sometimes work but the blue apple.. interesting. I always tell my husband we buy fruit to watch it rot!

  2. This is so cool, I'll have to check it out. I feel like we throw away soooo much produce and it always seems so wasteful!

  3. Wow. I have to go to the store 3x a week so we have fresh stuff. This is definitely worth looking into!

  4. Great thoughts and ideas on how to keep veggies and fruits fresh! Thank you for sharing this product. #sitsblogging