Friday, August 16, 2013

Sprinkles Ice Cream

I recently posted the exciting news about the new Sprinkles ATM located in Dallas, but now after being the third location with a cupcake ATM we are even more ecstatic to be the third to also have Sprinkles Ice Cream. It's grand opening opened at noon today. 
The long line was well worth waiting for the sweetness of Sprinkles Ice Cream. They have many options of flavored ice cream, as well as different options. You can either get your typical cup with various toppings, from crumbled cupcakes, salted butterscotch sauce or chocolate shells. They also have waffle cones ice cream, but this is not your typical waffle cone. They fresh-bake these bright red velvet waffle cones. The sweetness delight is not over yet though. They also have the option of a cookie ice cream sandwich, of course your choice any cookie flavor of your choice, and the final one has to be a shake or malt option where you can have a cupcake blended into it.
I was happy to see Candace Nelson be at the location to scoop ice cream for all the fans there. 


  1. You are such a lucky duck! I wish there was a Sprinkles Cupcake or Ice Cream shop near me! The closest is Atlanta which is about 10 hours away from me. I hope she opens something up out East because I would be all over that. I have some of her red velvet cupcake mix and I am waiting to use it because I want to save it for a special occasion.