Sunday, December 11, 2011

15 Beauty Tips

There are endless beauty tips, in the world of beauty to keep you looking great. Below are some tips that I would love to share and if you have any that I did not mention please feel free to share.

1. Always wash your makeup brushes, to fight against potential bacteria and breakouts.

2. Want to get voluminous hair in the morning? Tie your hair into a loose high pony tail. This lifts your hair off the scalp, resulting in more height at the roots.
3.  Manicure with shimmery shades, your manicure will last longer because of the stronger resin.

4. Key to a really good fake tan is to exfoliate correctly before application. It gives a clean, smooth and even base for the product to work properly.
5. Finish your nail lacquer application with a horizontal stroke at the top to seal the polish and prevent chipping.
6. Use a lipstick as a cream blush.
7. Can't seem to hold the volume up in the crown area? Try crimping pieces of you hair underneath and spray hairspray. Let it dry then brush through it as usual.
8. Use two different face cleansers. A heavy duty one in the evening and a milder one in the mornings.

9. To make your lips appear fuller, take a white eyeliner or white eyeshadow and highlight the cupid's bow. I do this all the time in my makeup routine.
10. Have oily skin like me? Well take some napkins and take them apart where you have two small pieces and blot your face with them. It's free and it works just like blotting papers.
11. Run your eyelash curler under hot water or blast it with a dryer before using it to get a curlier result that lasts. Perfect for those night outs where you want to look your best.

12. Mix in a bit of your favorite foundation onto your moisturizer and voila you have tinted moisturizer.

13. If you have fine baby hair, dry shampoo would become your new BFF. Even after washing it spray a bit onto your roots to give a lift that lasts all day.
14. If you get yellow nails after wearing dark lacquers, try scrubbing with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste.
15. My all time favorite beauty tip, is mixing your lotion with a bit of olive oil or baby oil for baby soft an all over soft sheen.

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