Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Taste Of Christmas

I know maybe everyone has put their Christmas tree up because I know I have, but if you have not or need some inspiration for this year or even next year I'll leave you with some photos. I have to admit I'm not a big holiday person and I don't know if is because I've never actually celebrated it because of work or just bad experiences in the past but I love decorating and any excuse is good. If anybody knows me we they should know I'm obsessed with peppermint and that is my current decor at home now. I LOVE white Christmas trees but I'm yet to convinced my mom to get one, maybe next year. Hope ya'll enjoy.

Here's my son's small Christmas tree in his playroom and my all time Christmas obsession : )

Sweet Peppermint

I'm so happy on how our peppermint Christmas tree came out. I know that if it was a white tree the red will pop beautifully.

Whimsical Decor

You're big on tradition? No problema you can bring some whimsy into your Christmas decor, try decorating a second tree in your child's playroom. I'm actually thinking of buying my son a small one for his room and let him decorate it.For this whimsical Christmas tree with colorful, bold ornaments and sock monkeys for a playful look. The colors and toy ornaments blend well into a kid's room.

Sweet Ornaments

When I saw this photo I almost died of happiness. It's so beautiful and is a white tree which is perfect. Candy canes are a popular holiday treat. Here they chose a white tree to create a strong background for the candy-cane ornaments. The red berry tree topper enhances the bold red ornaments.

Rustic Repurposing

Decorating a tree with household items for a vintage look works well too. The garland is made with white strips of bed sheets. A galvanized tub sits at the tree's base, and vintage license plates and wooden ornaments bring a rustic look. Hanging burlap sacks instead of traditional stockings completes this rustic look.

Wild Wild West

Who said Christmas trees are only for the living area? Decorate a small tree to complement your kids themed room. All these ornaments give it a Western look.

O Christmas Tree

Decorating your tree with red and gold decor brings an elegant touch. The red tree makes a bold statement, while the musical-note ornaments are a indication to Christmas carols.

Blooming Design

Visit your local craft store for a variety of silk flowers, like garden roses, hydrangeas and magnolias. Scatter the flowers throughout the branches and then top the tree with richly textured ribbon and a few well-placed ornaments for a high-end designer look.

Perfectly Natural

Celebrate the winter season with a nature-inspired Christmas tree. Mix in a variety of pinecones, leaves and birds throughout the branches, as well as a few metallic elements to add interest and sparkle. Plus these colors look so good and complement each other very well.

Bring Out the Color

Even if you don't embrace color in your everyday decorating, Christmas is the one time a year you can go overboard. Search for ornaments in bold red, blues and greens and pair them with metallics, like silver and gold. I actually do like this very much only because color is outside my comfort zone and this would be the only time I could pull it off.

Truly Patriotic

Deck out your tree in America's hues: red, white and blue. In 2008, the White House's East Room featured this beautiful evergreen full of glass ornaments in the nation's favorite colors. Show your true Patriotic spirit and go for something new.

Match Your Decor

Whether your home is traditional, shabby chic or contemporary, find a tree and ornaments that fit into your design. Did I mention how bad I would like to have a white tree? In this photo they dressed a white tree with vintage ornaments to complement the shabby chic living room and I LOVE the color combo. I've always wanted to try these colors.

Remember When...

Many people like to collect ornaments. Many collect ornaments on vacations, during major life events and when you or your children participate in hobbies and sports. Each Christmas you'll be reminded of your family's adventures and favorite memories. This Christmas tree is the perfect example for all those beautiful memories you like to keep on this holiday.

Classic Meets Mod

Mix trendy with the traditional. Classic red and gold ribbons and elegant flowers contrast well with feathers and contemporary large Christmas lights. I'm not a traditional kind of gal but mixing both together can be a good compromise for those couples that just can't decide.

Copper and Teal Color Combo

One of the hottest new color palettes is copper and teal, which is an update on the chocolate and robin's egg blue from the past few years.
Tip:When using larger ornaments, place them deeper into the tree so that the color radiates from the center. Pay attention to placement. If you're eyeing some special ornaments this season, you don't have to buy a lot of them. By placing them in the front, your guests will never know you only have a few.

Fa La La La

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