Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mover, A Shaker, A Mischiveous Mess Maker Activities

Finding activities to do with my son lately it's hard because of his age because he gets so anxious or bored quickly. Two years old are so curious and their little brains love to soak in the world around them. My son has quite an energy on him and there is no stopping him. I try to have a wide variety of things for him to enjoy. He's beginning to compare colors and loves to play pretend to eat the candy with his buddy Chris, you should see them it's too cute.

I've read that professionals suggest activities with Motor Skill Development and Exploring. Check out some activities that you can do with your toddler down below.

Looking for ideas to keep the little one's fingers occupied. Well these activities will help kids develop fine motor skills.

1. Let the little one practice picking up pom-poms with tongs and play a matching game putting them into a muffin tin with the matching color. This would help practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
2. Take a cheese shaker and toothpicks, show them how is done first and then let them go at it.
3. The tower of Cheerios is easy to make. Take some Play-doh and a string of spaghetti and Cheerios. This is fun and helpful but also yummy : )

Let your little one explore. This is the time for them to get dirty and have fun. Grab an old box with a low edge and fill it with some crushed rocks, but also sand or soil will work too. Add some cars and a shovel and pail. Encourage your child to fill the pail and dig with the shovel. I'm sure he'll enjoy every bit of getting filthy! Don't forget to prepare a special bubble bath because more than likely he will need it.

My son comes home from daycare with crafts all the time. Toddlers love to make handprints and here's just a sampling of some of the wonderful keepsake crafts that you can make with your little one. Aren't they just the cutest thing ever?

Hope this help moms out there to enjoy every quality time with their toddlers because remember they're only small and cute once.

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