Thursday, December 22, 2011

Greek Yogurt Anyone?

New Year's is around the corner and I'm sure all are wondering what would you be wearing, where would you be going but lastly what would your New Year's resolution will be. Like most I make the same one and fail two weeks into it. Eating healthy, working out blah blah blah, so I decided to change it up this year and start my resolution this week. Why wait after the holidays I might as well get into the habit now. Plus I have to admit the last couple of days I've been feeling so energetic and I'm sure it has to do a lot with my eating intake. My favorite diet indulgence is snacking on Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt has become a favorite choice for yogurt lovers across the world, with its ultra-thick texture and protein levels. Wholesome and healthy, this was my first time ever trying and whoa was I surprise of the taste. It's plain alright but the sour taste turned me off right away. After the unpleasant taste I encounter I decided to put some fruit and a trail mix I had with me. I have to admit the taste was much better and knowing I was making a healthy choice made me feel much better. Given the entire buzz surrounding this super-satisfying snack, I decided to find out for myself which brand is the best. I bought three different Greek yogurts and dipped my spoon in these three different companies.

Yoplait Greek: Despite a smooth and light texture and a milder flavor this wasn’t very sour which I did like but despite that it wasn't sour it didn't really taste like Greek yogurt—just a thicker version of regular plain yogurt.

Fage: This rich-tasting, silky-smooth and creamy yogurt had a slightly sour tang to it. Although the sourness was a bit too much it was generally a hit if you add some fruit for a sweeter taste—and the yogurt’s texture made up for the difference. This was one of my favorites out of all three hands down

Dannon Greek: A little sour, a little sweet, it had a balanced tanginess and had a fairly creamy consistency. After adding some fruit and trail mix the sour taste was not noticeable at all.

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