Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY: Scrubs

Winter is just around the corner. I live in Texas so the cold front has not hit us just yet. This post will be exactly all the winter battles we are faced with. I know in the winter it never fails but I get really chaffed lips and dry hands, no matter how many times I apply lotion or lip balm.

It is extremely important to take care of your hands, lips, face and even feet. We sometimes tend to forget our feets in the winter since we wear socks at all times and who is going to see your feet right? Well even if you are not going to be showing them off, it is important to keep them soft and ready for summer.

I have already been doing my own face and lip scrubs for years now, but it has just  ocurred it can be done for your hands and feet. My current employment started to put sea salt scrub in the restrooms and they had a sign of them selling them. I kind of giggled because this is so easy to make and also can be a cute christmas gift since the holidays are arising upon us. I will be giving you my recipes for each one. Hope you enjoy this post and leave a comment down below and tell me your thought if you try them.

Homemade Face Exfoliating Scrub

2 tbsp of brown sugar
2 tbsp of organic honey
1/2 small avocado/oatmeal(sensitive skin types)

I used to use fine sugar and switched it to brown sugar. Brown sugar is an anti-bacterial and contains glycolic acid which is an alpha-hydroxyl acid ingredient that keeps skin healthy and vibrant, but also clear. It leaves your face moisturized and protects the skin from toxins.

Lip Scrub

2 tbsp fine sugar
2 tbsp honey

This works just as great as the lip scrubs I get from LUSH my favorite is Mint Julips.
You can also add oils to give it a good scent.

Hand Exfoliating Scrub

1 cup sea salt
1 cup olive oil/coconut oil
2-4 drops of your favorite scent
2-4 drops food coloring for the color of your choice

Peppermint Foot Scrub

1 cup sea salt
1 cup olive oil/coconut oil
2-4 peppermint extract
2-4 drops red food coloring

Peppermint for my feet is my favorite because it leaves a cooling sensation and combats odor. After being on your feet all day this leaves your soles refreshed.

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