Thursday, November 1, 2012

FANGtastic Memories

I had an awesome night for Halloween this year with my boyfriend and son. I worked that morning and as soon as I got off work I got ready to take my little one trick-or-treating. I was so excited to see my little one in his Spiderman costume BUT to my surprise my son decided he did not want to be Spiderman at the last minute, he was set on his Batman costume for the second year! I was not so happy, but what can I do besides make him happy. After a successful night of collecting candy I came home to get ready to go out for a night of fun with the loved one.

As for my boyfried and I we both decided to stay in the Renaissance era and dress as vampires. I had a lot of fun with this costume since we both got fangs, contacts and cool accessories to go with it. I will post the spooktacular pictures down below :)


Hope ya'll had a terro-riffic time!

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