Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to Basics...Ah, Wilderness!

This past weekend I went camping for the very first time with my boyfriend and some friends. We went to Cedar Hill State Park, it was a beautiful location. My boyfriend and I camped out for two nights and honestly I am glad that I did two nights because it really felt like the first night was just setting up the tent and settling in.

Our camping space was right by the lake and had a beautiful view with ducks just swimming around, which I thought it was cute. The next morning it took us awhile to get breakfast done due to high winds, but after an hour or so we made breakfast burriros with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

The second day we went hiking and saw some beautiful bluebonnets and afterwards we ended up at  at the Penn Farm were there seemed to be a bunch of history. I cannot believe that some of those houses have been there since the 1800's. Once we got back to our camping site my boyfriend and I went on a boat ride and he decided to go fishing afterwards while everyone else put up their tents and got ready to cook dinner. Once it got darker the night got chilly so we started the fire and made s'mores. Talking around the fire pit was a good way to end the night.

One of my favorite things I enjoyed the most was the soothing sounds of the waves and birds in the mornings as well as the beautiful sunsets when the sun will go down in the afternoons. I had a great time and I cannot wait to go on more camping adventures in the future.


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