Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Spring Power Suits

Texas weather as we know it is pretty random. One day it will be cold and the next it will be hot or windy. Spring weather is my favorite because it not too hot or too cold besides that I have allergies. Today happens to one of those humid icky days. For all the professionals that have to wear suits to work I have some options for that power suit we all can wear during spring. The two I am going to be talking about are line and seersucker suits.

Linen might not sound so appealing because it is quite ancient. The first things to know about linen are that they are made to be casual, and the pure linen wrinkles easily.

Men tend to wear linen suits especially in beach weddings. A linen suit is breezy and gives a ladback classy look especially during summer's hottest, muggiest months, and because of linen's loose-fitting nature, linen suits do not necessarily require traditional tailoring. If you're on a budget, you can comfortably buy a linen suit off the rack. You can also save additional money by buying offseason, in the fall or winter.
As for seersucker suit it is a thin all cotton fabric, commonly striped used in the spring or summer. Getting good clothing items especially a suit is a great investment. The seersucker suits are great for the hot climate and are very light weight as well.

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