Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am from Texas so the heat is not so forgiving to girls when it comes to makeup. This past weekend I was
out with some friends and I have to admit it was so hot outside, I felt as if my makeup was melting off my face. For this post I will be giving you tips on how to keep your makeup in tact this summer.

1. BLOTTING PAPERS are a must for me year round due to my oily skin, but for anybody this can come in handy. Make sure to blot and NOT rub!

2. If you can not skip foundation apply PRIMER before hand to keep your makeup in place. Make sure to also only apply were needed, you do not want to over apply.

3. I recommend using a TINTED MOISTURIZER or BB CREAM. If you have redness only apply a tiny bit of CONCEALER were needed.

4. Set with TRANSLUCENT POWDER because this will give you a more natural look instead of that cakey effect.

5. If you HAVE to use eyeshadow use a EYE PRIMER this will prevent your eye makeup from slipping. I also recommend using CREAM EYESHADOWS since they tend to stay in place better than powder eye shadows .

6. Now for those lashes I recommend using a WATER-RESISTANT MASCARA instead of water proof since is less harsh for your lashes. Test it out in the shower and see how it holds up.

7. I know that summer is all about the pop of color on your lips, but unless your not going anywhere fancy try to stick to a LIP STAIN instead of a lipstick or lip gloss.

8. Now if you must use a lipstick. Apply a bit of the TRANSLUCENT POWDER OVER YOUR LIPS and then apply the lipstick. This will act as a primer and will last a lot longer.

9. Make sure to carry a SPONGE OR BRUSH to blend in makeup later on through out the day. To keep your makeup looking the way it did when you stepped foot out the door.

10. No matter what skin type you have, your face produces oil even more in the summer months, so make sure to CLEANSE YOUR FACE to prevent more oils later on.

11. If you have oily skin like myself, try using a CLAY MASK once a week to reduce oil production.

12. Also do not forget to use a MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY to prevent from everything melting off your face. You do not want that especially after working so hard to put it on.

Voila I know this seems like a bunch of stuff but it is all helpful especially if you want to avoid looking like a hot mess this summer :)


  1. I'm ALL about the tinted moisturizer, especially in the warm months. It give you a healthy glow but stays on all day even at the beach. :)

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  2. Great and informative post! I recommended it on google plus! Would you like to be added to my bloggers circle? Let me know :)

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    1. No problem, btw thanks for stopping by :)