Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh So Pretty Baby Lips

Maybelline has become one of my favorite brands. From face powders, to BB creams and the list goes on. I decided to give it a go and try the baby lips balm that I've been hearing so much rave about, and I have to say I'm very impressed and happy with my purchase. Baby Lips come in 6 different shades/flavors- Cherry Me, Quenched, Peach Kiss, Grape Vine, Pink Punch, and Peppermint. All balms are tinted, except for Quenched and Peppermint which are both clear. The moisturization I got with these balms were awesome and I was so impressed with the color. It  feels really smooth on my lips, and when it wore off, I noticed that my lips were still smooth and not chapped at all.

These balms stayed on my lips long, I got about 2-3 hours of wear out of just one application. If you haven't tried these lip balms I highly recommend them.

Peppermint- Just a clear balm with a nice, pepperminty scent to it. It leaves my lips feeling slightly tingly

Quenched- Clear, but this one has a lightly fruity fragrance

Pink Punch- I love how pigmented this one is,and offers a light pink color on my lips. It's a cream finish, no shimmer or glitter at all

Cherry Me- This one has a pinkish red tint. It's great for people that like red lips

Peach Kiss- This is a nude peachy color that has light shimmer. The shimmer is very light, and more of a sheen than a full-blown shimmer. It's not frosty at all, either.

Grape Vine- This has a purpleish tint to it, but only gives you a HINT of purple- nothing severe like it looks

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