Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yogi Organic Tea

I've been highly obsessed with Whole Foods Market lately. I usually only go to pick up a few things like my favorite coconut water from Zico but I'm also highly addicted to tea as well. I love peppermint flavor tea of course but one day on my run to the grocery store at Whole Foods Market I came across Yogi Organic Tea. Not only is it delicious, good for you, organic but they also have so many flavors and for particular purposes. I'm currently loving the Skin Detox, Bedtime and Joint Comfort.

Skin Detox- I have noticed a difference on my skin since drinking this tea

Bedtime- I don't take this every night but when I'm particularly have a hard time sleeping if is not my Ambien I decide to take it usualyy is this tea

Joint Comfort- I love this one especially for those days when you work out way too much and are sore the next day this helps out a lot

If you LOVE tea like myself I highly recommend this brand. There are so many to choose from women's teas, relaxation, detox, energy and cold season. I'm sure you will find one for your needs. Also check out their website and click on their link to find the perfect tea just for you.

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