Saturday, August 18, 2012

DIY: Cap Toe Pumps

So for a while I've been admiring the Chanel classic cap toe pumpss. As much as I love them the truth is that I can't afford them even on eBay money...haha I decided after much inspiration on the internet I figured how hard can it be to do it myself. I bought some very inexpensive heels from Forever 21 around $22. So let's start this DIY.

1. Take your items needed. In this case all you really need is a pair of heels, tape, and black nail polish

2. Apply tape over the front of the heel and cover as much as you would like to achieve the cap toe trend

3. Paint the front heel with one coat and wait a couple of minutes before moving on to the second coat. You can add a clear top coat if you would like but mine seemed to achieve that high gloss effect by itself

4. Wait about 15 minutes or so before removing the tape and VOILA your very own Chanel inspired cap toe pumps

Chanel Beige Leather Cap Toe Pumps $460
Forever 21 Nude Chunky Heels $22

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