Saturday, October 29, 2011

Get Over the Guy You Can't Get Over

I recently had been through a breakup and who hasn't. It can be really nasty or it could be a neutral breakup either way we all have that one person you can’t quite forget. Maybe he’s from a 1 year ago; maybe he’s from 5 minutes ago. Either way, move on and yes, it's possible, while the heart may be broken you WILL survive!

1. Cut off ALL contact from text messages, phone calls, facebook and twitter. I know this is hard, but having a clean and total breakup is needed. This part allows you to get over the breakup and start healing. If you were the one doing the dumping, DON'T guilt call! This is a very common women impulse and this would only give the ex hopes. If it's meant to be he will come back if not move on...

2. Weep it's okay. This is part of the recovery and putting up a front would only bite you in the butt later on and ACCEPT IT! Experts say that women tend to go by "breakup rituals" mani and pedis, girl's night outs and they work for awhile but at some point the tears will come. Experts claim after two weeks the misery passes and it's time to move on...

3.  Don't sleep with the enemy...hehe we're human I know, we get lonely and miserable but DON'T DO IT! When a woman has an orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is released, which causes a feeling of attachment, that could explain the "I Love You" DON'T DO IT!

4. Think WHAT went wrong and right and for this you will need a good friend and do LOOK for patterns so the love history doesn't repeats itself. Talk about the positive but that doesn't mean talk about it so much that you start missing him.

5. Put yourself FIRST and do what makes you feel good. Do all those things you've yet done. Run the darn marathon if that makes you happy.

6. We're all different. We all deal with breakups differently. Maybe you're the one on the couch eating ice cream, maybe you change your look, you go shopping, watch movies were couples get killed, you go out and party and get wasted and the list goes on. I tend to be the one talking to myself in the car talking very angrily at the other person "Casper". Whatever it is don't be ashamed is part of life. Like my second mother (Pat) says "God puts people in our lives and takes them away for a reason"

7. Move on, experts say that you have to get right back out there. I personally don't date I usually jump into relationships right away. Maybe that's my problem : / but going through the motions can possibly get you the idea of someone new. Remember this "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. The heart may have been made to be broken, but also to heal." I love this quote.

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