Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Loss Tips

Your diet and eating habits could potentially cause hair loss. Typical western diets do not have the nutrients. That’s one of the main reasons why hair loss is so common in western society and rare in eastern regions.

There are many reasons for hair loss and some causes are:

♥ Heredity
♥ Stress
♥ Improper Hair Care- Having tight braids or ponytails can stress the hair around the hairline.
♥ Age
♥ Disease- Syphilis, Diabetes and Cancer can cause hair loss.
♥ Ringworm- This is seen more in children than actually in adults and very rare.
♥ Poor Nutrition
♥ Hormones- Menstrual cycles, birth control pills and birth. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body produces more estrogen than usual. This estrogen locks the hair into the growth phase allowing the hair to grow. After delivery, these hormones gradually return to their pre-pregnancy state and the hairs start going into the resting and shedding phases of the hair growth cycle.
♥ Medication

Taking supplements can help our body with particular minerals, for healthy hair minerals we need are:

♥ Zinc- This mineral helps keep your hair oily and helps with dandruff. Too much of this mineral can block exertion of other minerals. Foods that contain zinc are: chickpeas, almonds and lima beans.
♥ Iron- I suggest taking iron supplements, but foods that contain iron are: red meat, tuna, and asparagus.
♥ Silica- Whole wheat contains this mineral.
♥ Iodine- I don't mean iodized salt; too much iodine can cause more hair loss. Foods that contain iodine are: cow's milk, low fat yogurt, strawberries and boiled eggs.

I personally forget to eat healthy I am guilty to say I eat out a lot. I suggest taking prenatal pills even if your're not with child. This supplement contains numerous vitamins and minerals.

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