Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Perfect Eyebrows

I have very sparse eyebrows and it really makes a difference to me when I fill them in because brows are what shape your face. Even if you were blessed with thick brows I believe every women needs to groom their brows as part of their beauty routine.If like most women, you were born with sparse brows or simply went too far with the tweezers, there is a fix to filling in your brows. All it takes is a pencil, eye shadow, and an angled brush and clear brow gel.

Pencils and powders stick to skin, not to hair, so if you don't have a lot of hair you'll want to shade in the skin where hair grows. Selecting a soft pencil ,which is a shade lighter than your brows and a powder, which matches the color of brows. If brows are super fair, choose a pencil that's a shade darker than your brows. Use the pencil to fill in the sparse spots with short strokes. Don't create a definite line. Be careful not to pencil in the entire brow, which will result in an unnatural look.

Then dip an angled brush in eye shadow. Brush the powder along the brows. You can also try two colors when filling in brows or use the eye shadow to shade the tail ends.

After all that is time to set brows to keep brows in place. I used to sprit hairspray on my finger and brush onto the brow, but you can also try brow gel to keep them in place.

It’s important to sculpt your brows according to your unique facial proportions. You have to take your bone structure and features into account when arching your brows.  The three lines indicate the beginning of your brow, the highest point of your arch, and the end of your brow. Use the guidelines below to customize your brows based on the proportions of your face.

Before filling in brows

After filling in brows

Products I use:

Maybelline- Define-A-Brow in Light Blonde, NYX- Eyebrow Shaper, M.A.C Eye Shadow- Charcoal Brown Matte and 208 angled brush and M.A.C- Brow Set in Clear

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