Monday, October 31, 2011

Combat Winter...Brr

Winter is around the corner and you should pledge and I don't mean "Pledge Allegiance to the Flag" but pledging to winter defenses. Many times I let my face get dry and let my lips get chapped. Due to us being busy we have to pledge to not let that happen because before you know it your lips are chapped and your skin is dry. Then you have to spend the next month trying to turn it around, but the heavy emollient creams strong enough to tackle the dry cause break outs. So pledge with me ladies.

1. When taking a shower DO NOT take hot showers but warm ones.
2. Apply body moisturizer all over the body, and I mean elbows, back, legs, toes, and arms. Also don't forget to apply moisturizing night cream no matter how tired you are. I recommend applying a primer over it. I know it sounds silly but it will keep all the products and lets them absorb into your skin so it doesn't rub off while you sleep.
3. Do wear sunscreen if you're planning on doing any winter outdoor activities.
4. Apply and reapply lip balm throughout the day to prevent chapped lips this winter. My favorite is: eos you can find it at Wal-mart
5. Throughout the day apply hydrating mist to keep your face looking fresh and carry it with you in your purse. My favorite is: Hope Springs Eternal Deep Sea Hydrating Mist.
6. Avoid any harsh facial scrubs this winter.
7. Do drink plenty of water, which by the way I need to take my own advice on this since I'm guilty of being a caffeine addict.
8. One that I'm guilty of doing also, don't blow the car heater onto your face. Sigh.

Now if you're like me and your lips are chapped often. Try my DIY lip scrub.

You Will Need:
♥ Sugar
♥ Honey
♥ Olive oil/lip balm

Mix the sugar and honey together to create a paste and thickly coat your lips.  Leave it on for a minute or so then start gently scrubbing with your finger until all the dead skin is gone. Then dab on olive oil or lip balm to moisturize. Voila!

Also what you might want to use this winter is Vaseline. I posted this on a recent post on women's must haves. Believe it or not Vaseline can...

1. Moisturize lips all day.
2. Give you glossy eyes. Dab a small amount over shadow or just on a bare lid for some shine.
3. It protects skin from staining when coloring hair.
4. Sooth dry skin around the nose during those bad colds and runny nose and I promise it won't sting like those other creams.
5. Use it around your cuticles to nourish them.
6. Dab a tiny bit on cheekbones for a glowing look.
7. Smooth up dry feet around the winter time. Apply it all over your feet and wear socks overnight and wake up with smooth feet.
8. Mix in the petroleum jelly with kool-aid in a small container and there you have it a flavored lip balm.

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