Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat and Something Sweet

I hope ya'll had an awesome Halloween but for some reason I didn't seem to be in the Halloween spirit this year. It might have been due to the fact that I had to work all weekend. I was a little bummed because I did have a costume that I was not able to wear but I still had a good time. Last year for my son's first birthday I did a Toy Story theme and I was sure for Halloween he would be "Woody" or "Buzz Lightyear" but lately he's been obsessed with "Batman" and "Superman" so I decided to go with the Batman costume from Wal-Mart it was very affordable.

I met up with my friend at Victoria Park to eat pizza, cupcakes and candy with the little ones. After the park I took my son trick or treating to some nearby neighborhoods around where I live. I am very disappointed to say that a lot of houses where not giving out candy for the kids this year I remember when I was a kid all my cousins and I would go home with full buckets and now it seems to be more quiet. We didn't trick or treat out too late since my son was feeling ill from earlier and I wasn't feeling too well myself but regardless it was a successful night.

Although I wasn't able to do anything for Halloween over the weekend or with friends and I did have a costume so I took the time to do my makeup to show ya'll. I put on the full costume on to show how the whole look would of looked. I had help from my mom to take some of the pictures and she is not very good at taking pictures but she tried. Enjoy and hope ya'll had a spooktacular day.

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