Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey and Calories

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, which means one of my favorite things...FEASTING. There would probably be food that would want to make you loosen your belt before seconds. But have you thought of all the calories coming your way? Did you know that a Thanksgiving dinner is about 3,000 to 4,000 calories. Approximately 27 miles of running just to burn all these calories off. Feeling guilty yet?

I don't believe in diets and waiting until after the holidays to start your New Year's resolution to lose weight. Avoiding foods you love is not something you can maintain forever. Two approaches to preventing weight gain this holiday eating season while still savoring holiday feasts and treats.

1. Burn More Calories: Increase your exercise so you're burning more calories to make up for feasting on all the foods you love. Start adding extra steps per day for the next week or running that extra mile.

2. Smaller Portions: Thanksgiving dinner can be 3000 calories or 1500 calories while eating stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls and pies. Eating only a half cup of each rather than a full cup. Think twice of the foods you will be eating.

I went online and went to Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator to see my results and here they are:
A soda, Six ounces of cured ham, Six ounces of white and dark turkey, Half a cup of cranberry sauce, Half a cup of mashed potatoes, Half a cup of green bean casserole, dinner roll, slice of pecan pie, slice of pumpkin pie, and leftover turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. Comes to 2475 calories. I would need to walk 24.75 miles.

Down below shows my usual 3 mile running calories burned and that's not going to cut it. I have to say that I'll definitely need to watch my proportions or exercise twice as hard.

Count Each Day As A Blessing

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