Monday, November 14, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I don't know if everybody else is just as excited as me but I've already purchased my Breaking Dawn tickets. I've been waiting for this moment since the last movie showing of Eclipse. I'm a little sad that it has to be made in two parts but it's okay I've read the books. If you've seen the Breaking Dawn trailer let me tell you there will be some steamy sexy scenes. While adult fans can't wait to see Edward and Bella finally consummate their relationship, the sex was almost too hot for teens. Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart's sex scene had to be toned down. Then again the story is about romance but give them a break they're married now. Apparently she was very into it, then again Robert Pattison in my opinion is a hottie. If you must know I'm Team Edward. Favorite quote from Edward Cullen "I am purely full of joy, because I am missing nothing. No one has more than I do now" : )

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