Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Up Forever or NOT

Make Up For Ever has become one of my favorite products.  It didn't take long before famous makeup artists, models, and movie stars heard about the collection. The finished look it's flawless and a little on the pricey side but well worth it. I believe SOME products are great and some not so great.

I love the Make Up Forever Face and Body Foundation, gel texture is light, fresh and smooth. It evens out the complexion and leaves the skin, with a very natural finish. Its long-lasting and water-resistant formula is also suited to the body.

I have to admit that the HD High Definition Powder from Make Up Forever leaves the skin matte. Though the mineral powder does contain Hydrated Silica (silicone dioxide). After some research the Silica in the mineral powder in Make Up Forever is safe. Although it does leave the skin flawless once is photographed the HD loose powder clearly doesn't like photography. The photographs below can also have many reasons on why their faces look so white it could be that their foundation have sunscreen and don't look good in photographs. This product obviously illustrates that if you're going to be getting you're photo taken with a flash this wouldn't be my choice of powder.

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