Sunday, October 30, 2011

Must Haves For Men & Women

It's obvious that women have to do a lot more to look great and keep up with trends unlike men don't need to do as much?

MEN'S MUST HAVES: This will stick out to women and would make you more approachable

1. Have a grown-up signature drink and nothing with too many girly ingredients because that is not attractive, it would only make you look high maintenance.
2. Shoes and not just any. A guy should own at least one pair of nice slack shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors. I recommend replacing them every year because stinky and used up sneakers is not attractive.

3. Own a nice pea coat and I recommend going safe with a solid black. It's more of a classic.

4. Have a signature cologne. Please don't overdo it either, wear very little of it. We want to remember the person wearing it not the cologne wearing you.
5. Please invest in a good skincare and I don't mean night creams and eye treatments. A good cleanser, toner and moisturizer will do. A good hair product and a comb would do for your medicine cabinet and when a girl sees it, she knows you take care of yourself can I say brownie points.
6. The last but not least a pair of dark straight leg jeans. It is a must have in any wardrobe. NO embellishments on the pocket and by that I mean NONE porfavor.
WOMEN'S MUST HAVES: Every woman should have some of these items in her wardrobe it will be a sin if not...

1. Little black dress can be worn casually or you can glam it up for a night out or even an interview.
2. Black blazer is a must have. Blazers have been IN for awhile now and the same goes for the blazer it can be dressed down or be worn out on the town with the right accessories.
3. Vaseline! From Hollywood celebrities to moms this product can remove makeup, protect skin, moisturize, prevent stains on your teeth, and help with chapped lips.
4. A pair of denim jeans and white t-shirt to complete the whole wardrobe.

If you have more tips that I left out feel free to post comments down below.

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