Friday, October 28, 2011

Fringe Trend

We all know that a scarf is a must have accessory all year long. Fringe has been very IN this year from fringe skirts, fringe handbags but also fringe scarves as seen on celebrities. I found a few at SHOPSTYLE that I loved but they were a fortune. I will be showing you to make your own and save money for your wallet.

This 'Felix Snood' scarf at $175

Products you need:
♥ Solid t-shirt
♥ Fabric scissors

1. Lay solid t-shirt on a flat surface. The floor seemed to work for me.
2. Cut t-shirt in half as shown above
3. On one of the ends cut strips vertically and taking it as far as you want depending how much fringe you want
4. Repeat the same step on the other side
5. Stretch out all the strips one by one to hide the cut marks
6. Stretch out the entire t-shirt all around
7. The final look will look like a circle scarf with fringe all around

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